The Pros and Cons of Luxury Dating

Who doesn’t dream of luxury dating? Finding and dating a seriously rich man or millionaire who can give them every material thing they want, everything they ask for...

Enjoying not having to worry about money and, possibly, be free of having to work for a living!

Yet the so-called phenomenon of luxury dating is not without its downsides and it’s worth to take a step back and think objectively about what you want from life and what being with a rich man can give you - study both the pros and cons.

Most of the pros of luxury dating are obvious and based on material possessions, and include, but are not limited to:

  • You can live a in nice house or beautiful penthouse; well-furnished and with all modern amenities; or maybe you have a condo in the city, a home in the country and even an apartment overseas in one of the major capitals of the world such as London or New York;
  • You can buy an almost unlimited supply of clothes, shoes and brand name handbags such as LV or Chanel or Hermes - or whatever your heart desires; plus of course, cosmetics, accessories and jewellery - either in your home country or on an overseas shopping expedition to Hong Kong or Singapore or Tokyo or London;
  • What about the fine dining in glamorous restaurants, upmarket coffee shops and eateries where being seen is part of the overall enjoyment;
  • Then there are the cars; why not buy a new Mercedes Benz or other luxury car; or maybe two cars, one for town driving and one for longer journeys;
  • Most people who enjoy luxury dating enjoy travelling with their millionaire partner - maybe within the region where they live or perhaps farther afield to the US, Australia or Europe

So, if you aspire to luxury dating with a very rich man or millionaire and can find a compatible partner, it’s easy to get carried away by the pros of the glamorous life you can lead.

Yet, if you are an objective person you will consider some of the cons involved with luxury dating:

  • It’s an old saying, but having money does not necessarily bring happiness; you may be superficially happy but deep down you may feel you are still missing something;
  • Similarly, if you are person who needs regular love and affection, luxury dating cannot always deliver true happiness, especially if you are more focussed on the material things which your millionaire provides rather than loving him for who he is; in short, if he had no money would you still be wanting to luxury date him?
  • And don’t forget if your man is rich and successful, he probably wants to stay that way and may well end up spending more time attending to his business and wealth creation than giving attention to you; sure, you will be there with him, but perhaps only in the background of his affections;
  • And finally what about health: you can have all the money in the world and enjoy luxury dating to its full, but if you don’t have your health, you have very little!

No matter what you do in life it’s always wise to look at the pros and cons of things - especially as the saying goes: “Nothing lasts forever” ...not even luxury dating!