Top 3 Myths About Sex of the Rich

If you are considering dating rich men but are intimidated by stories of kinky sexual favours these men may ask from you find out what rich men are really like in the bedroom! Below we present you top 3 myths about sex of the rich:

Dating Rich Men

1. Rich men are better in bed

Rich men are usually confident and with confidence come lesser inhibitions and bigger willingness to try new things. Because of that you can be sure they will experiment more and try many positions that will keep boredom away. To prove that point, there are studies which suggest that socioeconomic status and sexual satisfaction are related. However, some of rich men may have most of their sexual experiences with women that faked it just to please them, not giving them any useful feedback to really develop as a passionate lover. Moreover, you can also hear stories of ladies that complained about the apparent egoism of their rich lovers. The trick is to use their confidence and uncover their real sexual potential!

2. Rich men are dominant

Rich men have the power and authority in everyday life and it may seem obvious they will take on authoritative role also when it comes to sex. However, for some men the excess of power makes them desire something different for their leisure time. It is especially true for older gentlemen who are often told to be gentle and attentive lovers. Even more so, some men (no matter the age) feel like being bossed around for a change by their hot babes!

3. Rich men are difficult to please in bed

It is a general belief that rich men who are used to get what they want become impatient and demanding. Also, since they get constant attention of women just because of their bank account, they may have a habit of objectifying women the same way women objectify them (“big walking wallets”). That being said, the type of relationship you build with your dates depends in big part on you: if you are not happy to date an authoritative men show it is not only about money for you, but also about having good time. Also, remember that the rich usually don’t have much time and finding the right girl can take more hassle. Once they find someone they feel comfortable with and attracted to it may be a great relief. Because of that they will not only focus on their own needs but also make sure you experience as much pleasure as they do.